"This isn’t their problem, guys. It’s ours. We have to solve it.

Sexual harassment isn’t an occupational hazard. It’s not a glitch in the complex matrix of modern life. It’s not something that just “happens.” It’s something men do. It’s a choice men make. It’s a problem men enable. It’s sometimes a crime men commit. And it is not in the power nor the responsibility of women to wage war on this crime.”


After playing with this for a bit, I can definitely say it’s amazingly better than any other camera app I’ve used. It’s crazy fast, it has beautiful(ly simple) animations, and it has features that match or beat the best that’s out there.

• Full-frame photo preview
• Actively discourages VVS*
• Simpler settings menu
• Lens Blur mode that works impressively well
• Higher-res Photo Spheres and Panoramas

The Lens Blur mode is very similar to what you see on the HTC One (2014), except it works. And it works with only one camera, so any phone on 4.4+.