The difference between Motorola’s “Okay Google Now” Active Listening and Google’s own “Okay Google” always listening is interesting.

The fact that Motorola’s works any time, charging or not, screen off or on definitely feels superior. But Google’s slightly quicker response or maybe smoother transition feels nicer. I’ll be interested in seeing how Motorola adapts it in their next major update now that Google Now has an always listening option.

Right now, there is a country that is seemingly at war with its citizens.

Government “peacekeepers” in this country shot and killed a young, unarmed citizen. Fellow citizens peacefully protested the murder, but were met by militarized personnel in camouflage, heavy body armor, and armored vehicles carrying high powered rifles. These personnel have been occupying the city for the past week, have enacted a curfew, and continue to fire tear gas, rubber bullets, and smoke grenades into crowds of peaceful protestors.

They’ve aimed their guns at press cameras, told the press they’re going to shoot them, and ordered them to turn off their cameras.

The government has announced they’re calling in heavier military troops for the “security” of citizens.

This isn’t Egypt. This isn’t Gaza. This is the USA.